The Rise of Female Business Travelers and Why it Matters?

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While you may not take the time to think about the gender of those who rent corporate condos, it’s worth being aware that female business travelers make up a huge share of the market. Based on data by Skift Research, these individuals control up to 60% of the wealth in the United States and influence a huge 85% of purchasing decisions. The women of today are social, high-tech, connected, and make up more than half of all online sales. That’s why it’s important that your marketing campaigns appeal to them.

Whether you are involved in airlines, corporate condos, car rentals, or convention centers, meeting the needs of female business travelers is a must. That means you can’t stereotype the corporate traveler as an older white, Asian, or Middle Eastern man. Many commercials do exactly that by only showing women as the person a strong businessman comes home to after traveling out on the road. In order to move away from this stereotype, it’s important to acknowledge the many women who are business travelers, so they feel included.

travel with CHBO

The people and brands that cater to these women have no end of business opportunities available. It might seem like an inconvenience to make those changes, but when profit is on the line, it can make your corporate condos more profitable. It may not even be as difficult as you think since people of all genders want the same efficiency and service. However, women tend to expect more responsive landlords when something goes wrong. Making sure you meet their expectations can help with reviews and have people coming back to you time and time again.

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It can also mean doing small things like ensuring the magazines you leave in the home for reading material are useful for both men and women. If all you have are sports magazines, you might consider more female-oriented options. Women also may expect better towels and sheets and appreciate when they are available. Upscale quality and scent in a corporate home can make the place for palatable to the world of female business travelers.

Personal security should also be considered for female travelers. This might mean having better locks, adding a home security system, or giving guests the option of using outdoor cameras to ensure they are safe. Women are just as likely as men to visit new cities on business trips, and you want your space to be one they are impressed by.

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