8 Questions to Ask Your Corporate Rental Landlord Before Signing a Lease!

corporate housing lease

So, you’ve found the perfect furnished short term rental property and you’re ready to make it your own? Before you jump in and start enjoying that corporate housing, it’s a good idea to ask a few questions. You want to be sure that you know exactly what you are getting into first!

How Long Is the Corporate Housing Lease Term?

Some furnished executive rentals are available for a month, others need to be booked for three or six months at a time. You want to be sure you know the lease term since you will be expected to adhere to it. It’s also a good idea to look at what the penalties are if you unexpectedly need to break the lease. Ask your landlord their terms for notice to vacate.

Are the Furnished Housing Utilities Included?

Different individuals include different utilities in the rent so it’s important to know what you are responsible for. Determine if the landlord covers things like electricity, heat, water, cable, Internet, trash pickup, and other things. It’s also worth checking whether parking and cleaning services are included. At CHBO, we label all listing ‘CHBO Complete which means they include utilities in the rental cost.

Do Executive Housing Rentals Allow Pets?

If you have a pet or want one, you should ask about the pet policy before choosing a rental. Many landlords do not allow them since they can damage a building or apartment. Others allow pets but may have a pet deposit that is required or only accept pets of a certain weight. Find out if its a pet deposit or fee. Ask the landlord if they will consider Accidental Rental Damage Protection (ARDP) during your stay as it covers pet damage. However, will be reviewed to determine pay out for damage.

Is the Corporate Rentals Security Deposit Refundable?

The law dictates that a security deposit be refunded. However, some or all of the deposit may be kept if damage occurs while you stay at the home or condo. If the security deposit is listed as non-refundable, that is illegal. Reference this guide for Deadlines for Returning Security Deposits, State-by-State.

When Is Rent Due and How to Pay It?

Whether you have a landlord in the next apartment or you send a check in to a company, knowing how and when to send the payment is crucial. Ask when a payment will be considered late and whether that results in additional charges.

Is There Constant or Emergency Maintenance Available?

Some rental buildings will have on-site management available, but that isn’t true in every situation. Knowing what you can expect from the manager in advance can prevent confusion later on. Find out whether you can have maintenance called if any emergency happens even late at night.

corporate housing lease

Are the Locks Frequently Changed in Corporate Housing?

It’s always a good idea to ask the landlord how often the locks are changed in the building, apartment, other locked areas of a space. This is especially crucial if you are staying in a place with several units or where guests stay a short period and then leave again.

How Is the Furnished Housing Prepared Before a Stay?

Some tenants leave apartments and condos in bad shape, but the landlord should make sure things are livable and clean before you move in. If you are promised extras like having the lighting updated or the carpets steamed, make sure you have that information in writing for later use.

There are tons of questions you can ask a landlord to ensure you choose the right corporate housing to stay in. The ones above will give you a great place to start. Always have the terms discussed in WRITING!

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