How to Write a Great Description for Your Furnished Rental Listing?

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As someone offering furnished rentals to corporate clients and people relocating to the area of your property, you may wonder how you can make your description bring in views. Without an exciting description of your short term rental, you may have trouble getting tenants in your property.

Don’t worry, there are numerous ways you can improve your rental listing description. A great description will help you get bookings and return clients.

Choose the Right Keywords

When creating a listing description, remember that it’s important to get a person’s interest quickly. Word choice can do a lot to keep people reading and interested in your home or condo. Using the right keywords can go far and using the wrong ones can lead to people moving on to another property.

Corporate Housing

The use of the word “you” is common as it lets a potential renter imagine themselves in your property. “Ready” is another word that assures people you are ready for them to move in right now. “Updated” and “new are other good keywords, while “old” or “vintage” can be turn-offs. Instead of using the latter, describe the sort of house it is instead.

Includes Attractions and Companies Nearby

With short term rentals, the individuals looking for housing may be swayed by knowing what attractions are in the area. The same idea goes for large companies nearby. Someone who is relocating may want to hear about exciting things to do in the area, while a corporate traveler will be happy to hear the company that they are visiting for is a short drive from the home.

Try Using Bulleted Lists

Another thing to be aware of when writing a description is that walls of text can look overwhelming for the reader. Instead of having five long paragraphs, for instance, you might be able to morph one or two of them into a bulleted list. These break up the page and make it easier for readers to get to the information they want to know.

As an example, when listing attractions, you might want to make a bulleted list instead of writing them out one after another in a long paragraph.

Hire CHBO to Write for You

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