How Well-Managed is Your Corporate Property?

Corporate Housing

When you work with executive short-term rentals, having a well-managed property is a must. With so many people jumping into corporate housing as a way to make money, you want to be sure your home is one of the best. This will help you get bookings and keep people coming back when they need furnished houses for rent.

Knowing what your tenants want is a huge part of the process, but so is getting in there and making changes for the better. Today, we want to look at things that show your property is managed well so you can decide if you need to switch up your methods.

Do You Answer Calls and Emails Quickly?

One of the biggest things that can set apart your property is being professional. Getting back to tenants or potential tenants is a great way to show your care for their needs. In addition, most people looking for furnished houses for rent are emailing several landlords and you want to be one of the first to respond to get the booking.

Corporate Housing

Are You Looking for Ways to Improve as Landlord?

While executive short term rentals are a great source of income, you have to put in the work to succeed. Doing things like talking with other landlords to compare processes, reading books about corporate housing, or listening to podcasts about the subject can offer lots of tips on how to wow your tenants.

Do You Keep Things Maintained and Clean?

It might seem obvious, but tenants are more likely to come back or share your name is the space they stay in is pristine. If you have a leaking sink or a lawn that is rarely mowed, this can cause problems. Taking care of problems quickly can take you from an average landlord to an exceptional one.

Options for Management

Keep in mind that you can handle the management on your own or have someone who helps you with that. Between managing tenants through building lease agreements and collecting rent, managing maintenance through inspections and cutting the grass, and managing finances through getting everything paid, it can be a busy job.

Consider whether do-it-yourself management, outsourcing part of the work, or outsourcing all of it will work best for you. Then get in there and make sure the space is one you are proud of that tenants will love!

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  1. Marguerite Greene
    February 27, 2020

    How can we rent a furnished apartment for military personnel?

    1. Jeff Richards
      February 27, 2020

      Hi Marguerite, thanks for reaching out. We suggest you use our search tool on CHBO to locate furnished housing, Corporate Housing By Owner or submit a housing request, CHBO Housing Request and let CHBO help find one for you. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks


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