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Secret Property Types That Work Well for Corporate Housing.

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Published Date: 2020-03-02
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Have you ever wondered if there are specific housing options out there that work best for corporate housing rentals? You might think that any home or apartment will do, but that’s not always the case. Those staying in corporate housing typically want to spend time in a space that is clean, quiet, and filled with amenities they would find at home.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to have the most expensive house on the block to have a space that gets rented out on a regular basis. There are a few property types that are excellent for corporate housing that you may not have thought about. We’ll share what those are and why they are so great for this kind of housing below.

Best Secret Property Types for Corporate Housing

There are a few property types that work well in this industry and they all share a few things in common. Before we delve into why they work so well, we wanted to share which properties they are. The ones we believe have great potential are duplexes where the owner lives on-site, main homes that offer separate apartments, and mother-in-law suites. Not sure why these spaces work so well? There are several reasons which we will explore.

Located in Great Neighborhoods

Duplexes, homes with apartments, and mother-in-law suites all have in common that they tend to be located in nice neighborhoods. We mentioned earlier that corporate travelers tend to appreciate clean and quiet spaces, which is what you get with these housing options. Most of them are located in residential neighborhoods where there is less traffic and the city life is at least a few blocks away.

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Easy Management for the Landlord

As you might have noticed, the three property options we mentioned also make it easy to manage tenants and their needs. If you live in the second duplex near the guest, you can easily pop over to take care of things as needed. This applies the same way when staying in the main home with apartments or in the home connected to a mother-in-law suite.

Rental Costs Are Limited

When you own and live in the property you rent, this can keep costs down. You’re already paying for utilities and extra services and may only see a bump in bills when you have tenants in the home. All the maintenance and repairs would need to be done anyway so you aren’t going to lose money.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose these secret rental options for corporate housing. If you already own one of them, you could be making extra money renting out the excess space!

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