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What Will It Cost Me to Relocate?

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Published Date: 2020-03-09
Corporate Housing

Sometimes, the most rewarding thing you can do is relocating for a new job. Most people who choose to go through the process find the experience enjoyable and see that it puts their career on a better path. A substantial number of people also find that they enjoy the new community more than the neighborhood they left.

However, before getting to all that, you want to think about your bank account and how much of a relocation package a company offers you.

Cost of Selling and Moving

Remember that while selling your home can make your bank account flush, there are costs to it, as well. Depending on the specific home, around 7-10% of the sale price may go toward closing costs, home preparation, and commissions. You may also spend more if you need to deal with lots of repairs, staging of the home, and showings to potential new corporate owners.

You also have to consider moving costs before you go. This might include renting a truck to pack and load, getting a container to unpack at the new home, or hiring a moving company. This can cost anywhere from around $3,000 to $10,000, depending on how far you are going and how much you are bringing.

Corporate Housing

Costs of Getting Settled

Transportation to your new home will be a cost, as will food and temporary housing until you get settled in. The last is especially important since around 40% of people choose to live in corporate apartments until they find the right permanent home. Furnished rentals are a good consideration in the short term if you need to get to the new city fast.

The market you are moving into will determine the price, but it may be more than a traditional apartment since it will come furnished and with extra amenities. Make sure to look at several corporate apartments before deciding on one for sure.

Employer Paid Expenses

As you can see, many expenses go into relocating for a job. This is also why having an excellent relocation package is crucial. Make sure you get what you need to be comfortable while you settle into the new area. It should be in writing and it should meet your needs. While you’re in the process of moving, CHBO can give you options for corporate apartments in your area. You can search for the home that has what you need until you close on a new home of your own.

Let CHBO Help

When it comes to finding the perfect condo for rent short time, Corporate Housing by Owner can help you find the right option. A quick search will offer you insight into possibilities you won’t find elsewhere. Take a moment to see exactly what kind of homes you can stay in near your new work location.

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