What is the Primary Way you Screen and Communicate with Potential Corporate Renters?

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Are you the kind of person who enjoys having a face to face conversation with those who want to book your corporate rentals? You might be the exact opposite and prefer to talk on the phone or send and receive emails instead of speaking in person. There’s no wrong way to talk to and screen your potential renters, but some options are more common than others.

One of the ways you can get an idea of how other corporate rentals are handling communication is through viewing the CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report for 2020. This report takes survey results from corporate owners and property owners and offers tables and data for the use of the entire industry. This includes leasing trends, including the most popular options of communicating with potential tenants.

So, before we delve into all the details about communication options, we want to look at the most common way to keep in touch with renters. As of our 2020 report, the primary method of speaking with and screening renters is through email. While this was also the case in 2018, 57% listed this method in 2019, while only 50% did in the year before.

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It should come as no surprise that background checks are also standard methods of screening for corporate rentals, with 47% of owners choosing to use this as a way to determine who can stay in their property. Something that might be more surprising is that fewer owners use background checks than phone calls are. About 55% of people said the phone is a primary method of communicating.

One of the lowest-rated methods for speaking with people who may rent a home or apartment is by meeting the renters face to face. There are many reasons why this might be the case. For one thing, email and phone calls are much easier to schedule and attend than in-person meetings, especially when the owner and renter may be across the country from each other.

Other options to keep in touch include technology like Facetime or allowing CHBO to take over the process for you. About 12% let CHBO handle the process, while only 4% use a method like Facetime. It may be interesting to see how these things change throughout 2020 and beyond as new technology is introduced that can help connect people.

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