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People love their pets. Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, a frog person, or a snake person, you love the animals you take care of in your home. Because people consider their pets part of their family, many of them appreciate the option to stay in corporate housing that allows them to come along.

However, there’s a lot to think about as a housing owner before you decide whether to allow pets. Even if you do choose to allow them, you may want to have regulations in place for what kind of pets are allowed, how large they can be, or what breeds you exclude from the corporate housing.

The Corporate Housing Real Estate Report for 2020 from CHBO looks at what others are deciding in terms of allowing pets in their housing. Looking at our survey from 2019, 53% of owners do not allow any pets whatsoever. On the other side of things, 12% allow all pets in their housing. You can easily see that it’s more common for pets not to be approved.

However, there are also short term housing options that do allow pets but have restrictions. For example, 8% of the corporate housing by owners allow only cats as pets. There are also 21% who allow dogs but only if they under 35 pounds. Only 7% of the people who responded noted accepting larger dogs.

We can look back at past years to see if the industry is changing in terms of allowing pets. From 2018 to 2019, there hasn’t been a significant change. One percent less allow only cats as pets in 2019, while 1% more allow cats and dogs who are small breeds. Things have stayed relatively static over the last two years, with most of those who allow pets continuing to do so.

allow pets in corporate housing

When it comes to choosing whether to allow pets in corporate housing, the most significant factor usually comes down to whether these animals will damage the house. We can also look at the report to find out how often this is likely to happen. This year’s report shows that damage is relatively uncommon.

Almost 82% of respondents had no property damaged by pets. Another 15% noted a small amount of damage, while 3% said they had a lot of damage from pets. If you’ve been thinking about opening up your housing to executives and families with pets, this bodes well for not dealing with extra costs.

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