CHBO Spotlight: Raleigh and Durham, NC, Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing in Raleigh

Raleigh and Durham are located in central North Carolina and well-known for their excellent job market, enjoyable cultural institutions, and pleasant weather throughout most of the year. It also happens to offer a variety of Raleigh corporate housing options for visitors or transplants.

Durham consistently receives accolades for providing top dining, housing, academics, technology centers, and sports. It also has a wealth of corporate housing options for those who are moving into the area or on a business trip into the state.

Raleigh has been named as one of the best 10 places to live over the last few years. This should come as no surprise when you see the variety of options available by furnished rental property owners like Alex. His portfolio of dwellings includes a penthouse suite, a log cabin for small families, and larger homes for guests coming in a group. The diversity of offerings can compete with those of any large city in the United States.

Durham furnished shared space

Alex offers a selection of fully furnished properties for those waiting to purchase a home. The rentals range in length from 30 days and up and have been consistently booked by visitors to the area. The owner’s company has grown to offer over 15 properties within the last two years and looks forward to helping new tenants and guests to North Carolina.

Visitors to the area can also take advantage of staying in furnished rooms if a whole apartment or home isn’t needed. One Durham furnished shared space is designed for medical professionals and visiting professors and comes with top amenities in a fantastic location. It has great extras and comforts to ensure a comfortable stay.


Many people come to Raleigh because of its world-class healthcare, while others are exciting to see the arts and culture scene. Even nature lovers will find what they want at locations like Pullen Park, Lake Crabtree County Mark, and Neuse River Trail. Raleigh and Durham also have thousands of restaurants ranging from homestyle to fine dining.

The area has excellent weather with four seasons and the option to enjoy outdoor activities at any time. The cities are a fantastic place to raise a family or excel in a career in a laidback atmosphere where there is always something to do. It has a vibrant nightlife with street festivals, concerts, and excellent clubs. The Raleigh Durham area offers more than meets the eye, and the furnished housing nearby is affordable and teeming with amenities. Anyone who is searching for a new home will find a city that offers a bit of everything. Book corporate housing and explore it for yourself!

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