Tips to Make Corporate Rental Check-In a Breeze

corporate housing check-in process

As someone who provides corporate housing, you’ve probably experienced your share of emails and calls from tenants asking about the code for the keypad and making sure they arrived at the correct address. One of the most confusing things for guests in corporate homes is the check-in process. That’s why having a simple list of check-in items can save everyone a lot of trouble.

Communicate the Method of Entry

When talking to a guest staying in your corporate housing, it’s a good idea to have a list of check-in details. A crucial part of that is explaining how the tenant should enter the property when they arrive there. For instance, some furnished apartments might have a smart lock that uses a mobile app, while others might have a keypad entry, and some homes could have a lockbox where physical keys are found. Make sure the method of entry is known.

Communicate the Method of Entry

Add in Instructions for the Check-In Process

You can also make sure this document regarding check-in has other instructions to help guests avoid emailing or calling you at the last minute. For instance, you could include a photo of the front of the house or the condo door at your corporate housing so guests are sure they’re at the right place. You can also make notes here if it’s a confusing entry for a tenant to find.

Make Sure the Photos Are High-Quality

If you add photos to your check-in instructions, make sure they’re taken in good light. In a situation where several houses look the same, it might be good idea to make sure the house or apartment number is in the photo. If you already have photos of the outside of the property that you use for your CHBO listings, one of them can be used for the easiest process. Adding a description of the photo can also be useful to ensure guests make it to the right corporate housing.


Take Extra Precautions Between Tenants

When you offer corporate housing, you want to be sure that you change the lockbox or door passcodes every time a guest leaves. This offers better safety and security to the next person who uses the space. You should also be sure you send the correct code to each guest so they don’t have to ask for it when they arrive. This will make the process smooth and straightforward for both you and your guests.

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