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Don’t Use These Property Images When Marketing Your Furnished Rentals

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Published Date: 2021-03-03
Before and after housing photography

Whether you’re marketing furnished rentals or corporate homes, you want to be sure your listing looks its best. That means offering exciting descriptions, lists of amenities, and photos that draw the eye. However, there are some sorts of images and photographs that should never be used to market your property.

Photos with Overlays from Marketing Websites

One of the types of photos you should avoid at all costs is one that features a marketing overlay. It draws attention away from your home and onto the marketer instead. Also, these photos may be copywritten by someone else, which means you aren’t allowed to use them. It’s better to have fresh images taken than to use old ones that include a marketer’s name or website on them.

Photographer’s Logos Are Also a No-Go

Just like having a marketer name splashed over an image, having the name of a photographer is also not a good idea. This is for the same reasons listed above. What you want on your furnished apartment listing are photos that show off the house, not anything else. Get some clear photos made that are your property for the best results.

Before and after housing photography

Overly Photoshopped Images

There’s nothing wrong with using Photoshop to do small things like adjusting the lighting, so a room is easier to see. It can also be used to remove shadows for better image clarity. However, furnished rental listing photos should not be retouched to the point where the space shown isn’t the same as the space someone will live in. It gives people the wrong idea and can even be considered fraud in some cases.

Showing Only Photos of the Inside of an Apartment

When potential tenants look at a furnished apartment’s listings, they want to get a feel for the entire space. While there is nothing wrong with having tons of interior photos, it’s a mistake only to place those on the listing. People want to see the exterior of the home and how it looks in the neighborhood. This is another way someone gauges whether to stay at the apartment, so make sure you include them.

Adding a variety of photos to your listings for furnished apartments is an excellent idea, but be careful about which photos you use and which you do not. Remember that you are marketing the space and want to show it in its best light, but not make it seem like something it is not.

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