Learn how to get tenant screening reports in minutes!

Corporate housing management

Once a corporate tenant is ready to rent your window to check them out is really short. Don’t hesitate and use TransUnion® SmartMove® service provided by CHBO to avoid a bad rental experience. Start tenant screening from below button.

CHBO to avoid a bad rental experience.

Why Choose TransUnion® SmartMove® Tenant Screening

Great Reports

  • Credit, Criminal, Eviction and Income Insights Reports
  • Enhanced criminal searching delivers more accurate results
  • Access to FCRA quality reports without lengthy approval process
  • Sample Reports: Eviction HistoryCredit CheckCriminal Report

Great Convenience

  • Straightforward pricing, starting at $25 per screening
  • Landlord chooses who pays
  • All online, results in minutes

Great Tenants

  • Applicants undergo identity verification
  • ResidentScore predicts evictions better than typical credit score
  • Right tenant for the right property
Free Sign up

Free to Sign Up- Enjoy free account signup and take advantage of pay-as-you-go rental screening services. Landlords can elect to pass cost of rental background checks onto renters.

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