Smart Home Products For Your Furnished Rental

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The world is getting smarter. Today, some devices can do almost anything to keep a house secure, comfortable, and private. As someone who offers a furnished rental or two, these devices might be the perfect way to update your space and bring in new tenants. The good news is that much of this new technology is inexpensive and easy to install.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are excellent because tenants can see who is coming in and out of the home. They work like traditional doorbells but include a small camera inside. When someone pushes on the doorbell, your tablet or smartphone lets you see who is there. In some cases, you can even communicate with the guest without leaving the home.

This technology can also be a point of security that activates when there is motion. For example, you’d get a notification if someone came to the door but failed to knock. You also have the opportunity to see recorded footage from all hours of the day.

Door Locks

A furnished rental also needs a smart door lock. It benefits both you and your tenants. It’s as simple to use as a traditional door lock, but it has an extra benefit. You can control it from anywhere. You can also create codes or electronic keys to let people in and get alerts so that you know when someone enters the home.

This means that renters can get in even if you aren’t there. You also don’t have to make new keys every time someone leaves. Instead, just shut off the code from the last tenant and create a new one for the incoming renter.


Programmable thermostats can be useful for reducing energy use, but smart thermostats do it one better. This is especially true in a furnished rental where the space may not always be occupied.

A smart thermostat connects to the Internet, so you can adjust and program it from anywhere. It’s a cinch to change the schedule when nobody is inside the property. Some models can even determine whether anyone is inside to keep things comfortable without wasting energy. But, of course, the best option is one you can control from a phone or tablet. It’s even better if the tenant doesn’t need to download an app themselves.

Other great options for your furnished rental include smart smoke alarms, smart security systems, and smart lighting. Add the options that make sense for you and then make sure to update your property listing on CHBO!

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