The Top Moving Tips for a Job Relocation

Job Relocation and corporate housing

Moving for a new job or the chance at a promotion can be exciting, but it also tends to be challenging. There may be stress associated with the new job, the move itself, and finding a corporate housing during the relocation period. Maybe you have to find a school for the kids, track down plenty of boxes for packing, and do dozens of other things to get ready in a short period of time. Having a few moving tips can cut down on anxiety as you move into a future filled with opportunity.

Get Everything Organized

Beyond searching for corporate rentals until you have a new home, you also likely have dozens of other things to get done. You probably want to learn more about the new city, find out where important locations are, and see what options are available for work for your spouse. Map out the routes you’ll take on a daily basis so that you’re ready to hit the ground running. You should also research the difference in price for various items, such as gas, taxes, and insurance premiums.

Find Out About Relocation Package Options

If you are moving because of work, some employers will cover certain expenses. This might include housing during relocation, moving fees, or other things that can help you budget for your new lifestyle. Relocation packages can range in size and usefulness, but many large companies will cover some level of the move costs. To get the specifics, make sure you speak with someone in human resources.

Choose the Right Corporate Rentals

Until you manage to find a new housing, apartment, condo, or home for yourself and the family, you’ll need somewhere to stay. While hotels are one option, they often don’t offer the same amenities and space as a corporate home. These spaces are made to provide everything you need during your stay, from dishes to towels and Internet access to streaming television services. You can browse the listings on CHBO to find the perfect space for your needs. Once you have a temporary place to stay, that’s likely to cut down on moving anxiety.

Schedule the Moving Team

Hiring professional movers gives you time to focus on the other nuances of the moves. It’s best to choose a company as early as possible in the process. Remember that the season and month you move in will impact the cost of the move. Peak season moves tend to cost more, while winter and other off-season moves are less expensive.

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