How to Create a Corporate Apartment That Feels Like Home.

How to Create a Corporate Apartment That Feels Like Home

When you provide short-term rentals, one of your main priorities is ensuring you bring in tenants to live in the space. It’s a source of your livelihood and ensures you can pay your bills every month. One tip that we want to suggest is creating rentals that feel like home. Not sure where to start with the process? Read on to learn more about how you can create a cozy and comfortable space for anyone relocating to your area.

Add Personal Touches

When people are in their own homes, they have little things that remind them that they’re in a place that is their own. While corporate rentals can’t gain each person’s personality who spends time in them, you can still create details that potential tenants notice. Sometimes this can make the difference between someone passing up a space or making a booking. Try putting evocative artwork on the walls, having some photographs on the shelves, or putting other décor in place that creates a warm emotional feeling.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Style

Many people who offer short-term rentals are afraid to show style or use color. While it is possible to go overboard if the style is unique or uncommon, letting your personality shine through is a great way to make tenants feel as if your property is a home and not just a business. Items like rugs, throw blankets, and accent pillows are excellent ways to add some charm to the space. As long as the items don’t clash, they will add something extra to your rental.

Add Personal Touches

Consider All the Senses

Most of the things that make corporate rentals feel like home focus on visual appeal. However, that isn’t the only sense that renters have, so make the most of all your options. Scent is a strong sense that can play a huge part in how someone judges your property. Having air fresheners, flowers, candles, or wax burners in the property lets you create any scent you like, including those that might remind someone of home.

Incorporate Plants

Adding plants to your rentals might mean having an extra chore in terms of watering them – but it can also make the space feel more alive and captivating. Plants can lift the mood, reduce stress, and cut down on anxiety. Not to mention the fact that plants can bring a room together in terms of style. Don’t be afraid to bring some nature into your CHBO rental for guests to enjoy.

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