A Welcome Letter Can Make a Guest’s Stay Even Easier

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When you are in the business of renting temporary furnished houses, an excellent first impression is crucial. The initial interactions you have with guests can have an effect on their entire stay and whether they choose to stay with you again in the future.

Whether you are going to be seeing your guests in person or not, a welcome letter is a great way to start the experience on the right foot.

Why Executive Rentals Require Welcome Letters

The main purpose of having a welcome letter is to create a welcoming atmosphere for your temporary furnished houses. It shows that you are a thoughtful host who cares about the people staying in your property. It can also:

  • Help guests get used to the location and remind them of any rules that need to be followed.
  • Make guests feel they can expect a positive and personalized experience.
  • Demonstrate that you want to build a good relationship with guests by offering quality service.
Executive rental welcome letter

When to Send a Welcome Letter

There are two different times and places when you should make your welcome letter available. The first time is through email before a guest arrives at your executive rentals. Make sure you personalize the letter to the guest to show even more care for them and their needs.

The second time to offer the welcome letter is in the actual unit when a guest is moving in. This ensures the information can be found while at the home, as well as away from it. It also shows that you care enough to provide the information a guest needs to be independent in the space.

What to Include in a Welcome Letter

At this point, you probably wonder what information is great to include and what you should avoid. There are several things you can include to help your guest, including:

What to Include in a Welcome Letter
  • The exact address of the property
  • Any important house rules you want a guest to adhere to
  • Your own contact information such as a phone number and email address
  • Any special move-in instructions
  • The Wi-Fi password
  • Codes or access information
  • Local restaurants and entertainment options that guests may enjoy

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Simply having a welcome letter for your guests will make you stand out and start things off on the best foot possible. A well-written letter can result in better ratings and more bookings so it’s worth putting the time and energy into!

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