4 Reasons Traveling Healthcare Workers Enjoy Short Term Rentals

Traveling Healthcare Workers Enjoy Short Term Rentals

Similar to other jobs, many healthcare employees end up doing a lot of traveling. Regardless of profession, traveling workers may find it challenging to find corporate housing without signing a year-long lease. While hotels can be an option, they have downfalls when staying in the area for a few months or more.

The good news is that you have another option. Short-term rentals – specifically fully furnished options – are a great alternative to hotel rooms, long leases, or other choices. Below we’ll share a few reasons that traveling nurses enjoy this type of accommodations.

1. Ready to Move-In

Moving into short-term rentals is convenient. The home is ready to move into immediately. Corporate housing is furnished, but it goes beyond a few couches and beds. Everything from pots and pans to linens and towels is provided. All you need to do is bring clothing and other necessities.

On top of that, utilities are set up and often included in the price. There’s no need to pay for Internet access!

2. Long Term Leases Aren’t Needed

Most leases are a year or two long, which doesn’t work for someone who does a lot of travel. Breaking a lease isn’t easy and can be expensive so most people want to avoid that. Committing to a long lease isn’t feasible for a doctor or nurse on a short assignment.

Long Term Leases Aren’t Needed

Short-term rentals are the perfect alternative. Most offer stays of a month or longer so you can tailor the rental to meet your needs.

3. Kitchens Are Included

One of the issues with hotels is that most don’t have kitchens. That leads to eating out, which can be expensive and unhealthy. Short-term rentals do away with that issue. Most properties have a full-sized kitchen, a stove, oven, freezer, refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, microwave, and more.

Plus, all the kitchenware you need is provided to make things easier. C ooking your own meals will be easy and quick.

4. Locations Near Hospitals

Many furnished rentals are located close to clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Sometimes, you’ll be within walking distance so you can easily reach your place of employment even without a car.

Find the Perfect Short Term Rentals for Your Needs

If you’re a traveling medical professional who needs a rental, CHBO is equipped to assist you. Visit the website, put in the location and your travel dates, and view many houses, condos, and apartments that fit your needs.

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