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How to Prevent Unsafe Living Conditions as a Landlord

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As someone who offers furnished housing, it’s essential to ensure your property is clean and safe. If the space isn’t safe, it could lead to lawsuits. However, a home that people enjoy is more likely to bring in additional tenants who keep things in great shape.

Below are six things to watch for to ensure your property is safe for everyone who spends time there.

No Security

When you offer furnished executive apartments, you need to make sure they are secure. That means you need to make sure windows aren’t easily opened from the outside and locks are working correctly. Consider an electronic lock with a new passcode for each person who rents out the space to avoid problems.

Lack of Awareness of Building Codes

State and federal laws are in place to ensure properties are safe for tenants. You need to know what those are. For example, you might need to have a certain amount of space for each person who stays. In addition, most areas require carbon monoxide and smoke alarms that are checked annually.

Lack of Awareness of Building Codes

Hazardous Conditions

Environmental and chemical hazards cannot be present in furnished housing. These include mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint. Lead can be a huge health hazard, especially to kids and pregnant women. As far as mold goes, landlords need to take care of any problems.

Presence of Pests

Insects and rodents should also be removed and dealt with quickly. An exterminator should be called if any of these pests are located in furnished executive apartments. Preventative pest control is an excellent idea since emergency service is often costly and can leave you without a rental for a certain amount of time.

Structural Problems

Your furnished housing should be in good shape to protect your investment. Sagging ceilings, significant wall damage, and leaking roofs can affect the home value as well as make the space unsafe for tenants. Damage from floods, fires, tornados, and other things also needs to be handled quickly to make the area secure again.

No Utilities

Finally, you must make sure your tenants have utilities. These include heating, electricity, and hot and cold water. If problems come up with the plumbing, electrical system, or HVAC, these need to be repaired immediately. In areas with high temperatures, air conditioning may also be required to make the space safe.

Make sure you know the federal and state laws around providing furnished executive apartments. This is the best way to be sure you offer safe spaces that tenants will want to visit again. It can also lead to great reviews that cause people to choose your property over someone else’s!

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