Tips and Tricks for Appealing to Gen Z Renters

Gen Z Renters

Are you looking for ways to market your temporary furnished houses to larger audiences? Many property owners are increasingly interested in bringing in Generation Z renters but find themselves coming up empty when it comes to solutions that work.

Multi-Housing News recently ran a virtual panel discussion about “Appealing to the Gen Z Renter,” and there were all sorts of insights that you may be able to use for your own corporate housing empire.

Who Are Gen Z?

Generation Z, usually simply called Gen Z, are the generation that came after the Millennials. What makes them unique is that they are the first generation that has been raised in a fully digital world. This generation has grown up on social media, online communication, and Internet research.

This has shaped the way they communicate as well as how they consume digital content.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

One of the most important things to be aware of with Gen Z renters is their values. For example, many Gen Z renters prefer sustainability, having a smaller footprint, and living somewhere with a distinct sense of community.

So, what does that mean to you and your temporary furnished houses? First, LEED certification can be a huge benefit to bring in this generation of renters. The same applies to having activities like clean-up programs and gardening in the neighborhood.

Some of the most important amenities to this generation of renters are outdoor spaces and neighborhood gardens. In addition, having the fastest Internet service can be a huge benefit. Generation Z has grown up on the Internet and expects to have quick access to it at all times.

Social Media Use

Gen Z expects you to approach them authentically and ignore anything that seems like a pitch. These renters also prefer texting to calling, so that can be something you could set up to gain access to them and their questions.

Whenever a new technology or platform pops up, Gen Z is there. It’s essential to look for them in the places they are. This is the best chance of gaining their interest.

It’s also worth noting that these individuals use social media to spend their free time rather than shop or keep up with family. Marketing to them may mean engaging them without marketing to gain interest and moving on from there.

If you tailor your corporate housing media to this generation, there’s no reason you can’t make them renters. But keep in mind that things can vary from one location to the next, so be prepared to tweak your message and solutions until you get it right!

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