Preparing Your First Houston Corporate Housing for Guests

Houston Corporate Housing

If you are a property owner in Houston who has recently registered with Corporate Housing By Owner, you are to be congratulated. By partnering with CHBO, you will stand out from the crowd as a trusted short-term rental destination for busy corporate travelers looking to temporarily relocate to Houston.

But what’s next?

First off, you are certain to receive inquiries about the accommodations and services you offer as part of your corporate housing. Houston is one of the most important industrial and economic hubs in the country, and every year, thousands of corporate employees temporarily relocate here. Serving their needs is a major step up from renting to traditional long-term tenants.

To help make the transition as smooth as possible, here is our guide to Preparing Your First Housing Corporate Housing for Guests.

First Impressions Matter

Corporate housing guests have certain expectations when looking at potential properties. It is your job as a CHBO landlord to meet or exceed those expectations.

Your reputation and the possibility for future rentals start with the first impression.

To make the best possible impression, justify your price, increase positive word-of-mouth, and maximize your future earnings, spend time honestly evaluating your property. Look for anything that would not meet your guests’ expectations.

Unacceptable conditions might include:

·       Lack of cleanliness

·       Stained or worn carpet and flooring

·       Broken appliances

·       Plumbing problems

·       Peeling paint

·       Ugly furniture

·       Old or mismatched towels and bedding

·       Outdated décor

Here’s a good rule of thumb — if you are disappointed in your property, your guests will be, too.

So, the very first step in preparing your Houston corporate housing for guests is to fix or update anything that needs it. The higher your standards are, the happier your tenants will be.

Preparing Your First Houston Corporate Housing for Guests

Furnishings, Appliances, and Decorations

After you have completely cleaned your property and made all necessary repairs, the next step is to properly furnish the home in a manner that is modern, tasteful, and welcoming.

General tips for furnishing your Houston corporate housing:

·       Look at current home design magazines to get decorating ideas.

·       Better yet, consider hiring a professional decorator.

·       Because you never know whom your next guests are going to be, the rooms and everything in them should accommodate and appeal to as many people as possible.

·       Buy new whenever possible and buy gently used when it isn’t.

·       Keep it simple – no loud patterns, complicated hard-to-figure-out electronics or appliances, or expensive-to-replace antiques.

·       Avoid light-colored fabrics that stain easily.

·       Don’t get locked into boring white or beige paint on your walls. A brightly colored accent wall can give a room life.

·       Buy sturdy, comfortable, good-quality furniture designed for everyday use.

·       Install eco-friendly appliances and fixtures. This will appeal to environmentally conscious guests and generate considerable utility savings for you.

·       Individual rooms should have consistent design themes. The furniture and decorations should complement each other.

Getting Help Getting Started

Preparing your Houston corporate housing for guests can seem expensive and overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you have had traveling professionals as tenants.

But don’t obsess over the initial cost. Instead of thinking of it as just another expense, think of it as an investment that will help you attract and earn repeat business from high-end corporate clients.

 Secondly, partnering with CHBO means you have resources that you didn’t have before. For advice, strategies, a buying guide, and a step-by-step and room-by-room inventory checklist, download or purchase our exclusive CHBO Handbook. This invaluable tool helps you properly prepare your property until you can provide the best corporate housing Houston has available.

For more information, contact CHBO TODAY.

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