Corporate Housing City Spotlight: Austin, Texas

Downtown Skyline Of Austin, Texas

Austin has always been a happening location but lately, it’s even more desirable than ever. Based on information from the US Census Bureau, dozens of residents are moving in every day.

With an influx of professionals and families, Austin corporate housing is filling a specific need. It offers a place to stay while looking for long-term housing.

Texas has become a popular location to move to and Austin is at the top of that trend. It’s one of the fastest-growing metros in the state with many counties hitting new population heights. It has a great economy, fantastic weather, and a culture that cannot be found in other parts of the United States.

Downtown Skyline Of Austin

Business Heads Up the Reasons to Move to Austin

Business is the biggest reason Austin is booming. Dell was created in the city and is still based there. However, that’s hardly the only corporation in the metro to make waves. Tesla’s headquarters is now in the city, as is Space X. Oracle is moving there, too.

A huge presence can be seen in Alphabet, Meta Platforms, and Apple throughout Austin. Samsung has even created a chip-making plant in the area. But it isn’t all huge companies. Many fintech and digital start-ups also make Austin their home. Huge employers like HEB, Ascension Seton, and Wal-Mart also lead people to move to this advanced city.

Top Austin Furnished Rentals

There’s no reason to use guesswork to choose the best-furnished rentals in the city. If you’ll be spending a few weeks or months in Austin, take a look at some of the most exquisite condos, homes, and apartments available.

Find a gorgeous furnished triplex that is big enough for the entire family or check into a house with fantastic amenities. Whether you need one bedroom, two bedrooms, or three, this property owner has compelling rentals that take your comfort and entertainment into account.

Another great property to add to your list of potentials is located in the south-central part of the city. Enjoy a ton of space, access to universities and hospitals, and beautiful views. The home is perfect for a family that is going to be in Austin for a few months.

Find Austin Furnished Rentals to Meet Your Needs

If you’re heading into the city for relocation or need Austin corporate housing for an extended work assignment, CHBO is here to help. Take a look at the many fantastic properties available with elegant furnishings and top amenities.

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