Steps to Take When Relocating as a Family

Relocate with family in corporate rental

Uprooting your family can be a thrilling and dramatic experience for everyone involved. However exhilarating, it can be just as painstaking and stressful if you haven’t thoroughly planned. From packing to scheduling and everything in-between, there is a lot to take in and a lot to accomplish.

Once you find the perfect home and prepare the housing costs, it’s time to think about the move. When you transfer your family to an entirely new living space, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure peace and limit unexpected surprises.

Relocating family with pet


First things first, you need a solid plan. After all the decluttering, purchasing, packing, and decision-making, it’s important to create a schedule for your travels. Remember to provide your itinerary with leeway for rest stops, traffic, or other abrupt delays.

Consider how long it takes to reach each checkpoint so you can be certain you’re always ahead of schedule. If you’re using a moving truck or two, think about the time it will take to pack your big boxes, bags, and heavy furniture, and acknowledge how carefully the driver must operate to safeguard your belongings.


When traveling with all of your most precious and prized possessions, it’s imperative to always know where everything is. Create a complete room-to-room checklist of your goods including furniture, decorations, food, and even what’s in your wallet. At every check point, you should be absolutely sure you leave nothing behind. The last thing you need is to leave your keys or your daughter’s teddy sitting on the counter at your old home thousands of miles away.


In many cases, not everyone in your family will be ready to begin a new adventure. For some, it will take a little more emotional support to get them to be as compliant and comfortable as possible. Reassure your family about the benefits of moving.

Let them bring or create whatever representation of home they need to feel better about their lives taking a sudden shift. If at all feasible, it could be helpful to visit your new location before making the big move so that your children or spouse can visualize themselves there and create a relationship with their new surroundings.

The first time moving as a family unit doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. With mutual understandings and expectations, everyone can relocate in harmony with very few distractions or mishaps. It just takes a little careful attention to detail, and a bit of compassion.

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