Tips for Marketing Your Corporate Apartment Rental

Corporate Apartment Rental

You own a corporate apartment, and you want to be sure it’s filled with tenants at all times. Is your marketing working now, or is there something more you could do? We’ll share some great tips to help you ensure your corporate apartment rental is in front of people and occupied as much as possible as you move forward.

Corporate Apartment Rental

Don’t Take Breaks from Marketing

Do you take down its advertisements once you have a tenant in your corporate apartment? This is something you should avoid. Since most rental agreements for corporate apartments are short-term, you want listings up even when the property is occupied. As with any other service, constant marketing is the best way to keep up. This stands true in today’s housing market, so make sure your advertisements are always available.

Advertise Through Various Channels

You can start by making a CHBO listing, but advertising your corporate apartment rental should go beyond that. You want to find potential renters in all the locations they spend time. Make a social media page to advertise your properties, build a website with a blog, and even advertise in brick and mortar locations if that makes sense for your company.

Be Sure Your Corporate Apartment is Furnished

When you’re offering corporate apartments, the stays are typically shorter than the traditional annual lease. However, the people staying in the home expect to walk into an apartment ready to use for the short term. That means it’s best to ensure the entire home is furnished and ready for use. Beyond furnishings, adding in modern amenities is also a massive sell. When you market, make sure you note these things to bring in more tenants.

Show Professional But Honest Photos

Marketing is designed to bring in people who are happy with what you have to offer. It’s essential not to market your corporate apartment as anything that it is not. Being honest is better than being disingenuous and risking tenants being unhappy. To make renters more interested in what you offer, consider professional photography of the home. But be sure the end photos are realistic for the best results.

Work With CHBO

Using the tips above for your corporate apartment rental will ensure your marketing is on point. If you need additional ideas, visit the CHBO blog for some ideas. The website is filled with tips and tricks that may be useful for your marketing needs.

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