Why Inspect the Rental Property After Every Tenant’s Stay

inspecting furnished rental between tenants

It is necessary to inspect your rental property after each tenant leaves the premises. You can determine whether the tenants abided by the agreed-upon guidelines through the inspection process. Additionally, it guarantees that they are not altering your property in any way. If you’re concerned that you won’t have the time to inspect it yourself, hire a professional or consider having your cleaning crew help with this process. This step is essential and can’t be overlooked.

Your property inspection can help identify maintenance issues that need to be handled before you bring in a new tenant. Some maintenance processes need to occur regularly – mowing the lawn, for instance. However, others are periodic. These can include interior and exterior painting, sealing windows, deep cleaning carpeting and other types of flooring, and much more. By inspecting the property before bringing in new tenants, you help ensure the best possible experience.

Conducting Inspections Can Save You In The Future

Another reason to conduct inspections is to ensure that you catch issues before they become major problems that lead to negative reviews. You can bet that a tenant will leave a negative review online knocking your property for anything that wasn’t up to their expectations or your description of the property. Stains on the carpet, damage to counters and cabinets, inoperable lights – these are just some of the minor issues that can turn into big problems when it comes time for a guest to review their stay on your property.

Keeping your property in immaculate condition can maintain its worth and is as simple as conducting consistent routine inspections. It also maintains your brand image, speaking to potential renters through its ambiance and upkeep. Independent property inspectors may perform a complete evaluation, assess your property’s value, and provide advice on how to raise it. This will provide you with a way to keep the business thriving as it becomes more inviting and engaging.

Checking the furnished rental property inventory after tenants move out is another good practice to put in place. Be sure to go through all of the housewares, linens, electronics to be sure everything is in good working condition. If you come across any issues you can determine if the cause was wear and tear or it is something the tenants would be responsible for repairing/replacing. Review the CHBO Handbook which includes an inventory list of items needed in the furnished rental as a guide when performing your inspection.

Maintaining your insurance policy is another essential aspect of having a rental property. It is an integral part of any rental business so keeping up on your policy and policy guidelines would be a definite must. Your home insurance could have an invalidation if you do not comply and using home inspection services can ensure you get high-quality professional inspections. Also, the insurance is in place in case a claim is needed at any point.

From catching maintenance issues to identifying damage caused by guests and even complying with insurance requirements, property inspections are important after every tenant leaves.

Also consider protecting your property with Accidental Rental Damage Protection (ARDP). At CHBO, we understand that accidents happen. Instead of having tenants pay large deposits to cover unintentional accidental damage, we offer Property Protection, affordable coverage that allows guest and owners to rest assured if unintentional accidental damage should occur during the guest stay, per terms and conditions of coverage. The coverage is being provided by our trusted partner Rental Guardian. Contact CHBO to set this up for your property or if you have any questions.

Inspection and Maintenance Tip – Be sure to leave extra air filters at the property during your tenants stay. Ask the tenant to replace them monthly or if needed hire someone to take care of this simple task. This will help save on future HVAC expenses.

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