Temporary Housing Is for Fires and Disasters, Too

Temporary Housing

Sadly, in life, there is a guarantee of disaster striking every once and a while. These disasters can include fires, floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes. When these disasters strike, people must find temporary housing. Luckily, corporate housing is there as a great option when this occurs.

It is important to find something that will work best for you or your family’s needs after a disaster. If you need something that is more long-term, corporate housing works well. Just as with hotels, corporate housing provides similar amenities. Unlike hotels though, corporate housing feels more like your home away from home.

Corporate housing offers a kitchen, washer, and dryer. These allow you to not worry about the extra expenses of eating out or finding a laundromat to clean your clothes. They can all be done in the comfort of your temporary home.

Other features come with corporate housing to consider if you have lost your home to fire or other disasters. Some of these include:

  • Availability throughout the country
  • Short- and long-term availability
  • Different floor plans
  • Pet accommodations
  • Cost efficiency
  • Full furnishings

These are all important items to know and consider. When you have lost your home, you will want a place to go that will allow you to save money, provide space for your entire family (including pets), and be available for as long as you need. Corporate housing will do that and more.

When considering corporate housing after a disaster, it is important to go to your insurance company to determine what coverage you will receive. This will include living expenses and housing costs. You must also make sure that your insurance company approves of the rental. To save time, it is smart to call them before you even begin your search for temporary housing. Since corporate housing is available throughout the country, it doesn’t matter where you are. Its short and long-term availability allows for the flexibility you need as you are recovering from the disaster you experienced. The different floor plans and pet accommodations allow for you to find space for your entire family. The amenities, full furnishings, and different configurations allow for it to feel like your home away from home until you can get back on your feet again and wait for construction to finish on a new home or the home repairs on your old one.

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