3 Tips for Living on the Go with Kids

post image Admin Published Date: 2023-01-11 corporate Housing with kids on the go

When you need to travel with your kids, things can get a little messy. Living with kids is already complicated enough but moving from place to place with them without preparing can be a bit chaotic.

Regardless of how many children you have, you want everyone to be copacetic and as comfortable as possible every step of the way. With a little bit of practice and maintenance, you’ll be a pro at living on the go with your kids, they’ll become adapted to your fast-paced lifestyle.


Above all else, always stay prepared. Make schedules and routines ahead of time to accommodate their needs in conjunction with your appointments. Make sure everything has its place. Create checklists for their entire personal inventory and fully stock everyone’s backpacks, purses, and carry-ons. Create time in your schedule for considerable rest stops while traveling to coordinate their bathroom and entertainment needs. 

Make sure you stick to not only your new plans but your old ones as well. Moving doesn’t have to mean the routines should end. Kids are extremely dependent on routines for healthy social and emotional development. Prepare ahead of time for those old routines to be interrupted by traveling or being in a new environment. If their bedtime is at 8, find a way to make it as close to their routine as possible regardless of your surroundings. 

Have Patience

This might be tough for them. Their tantrums and aversions are just a part of them expressing their exhaustion, confusion, or outright protest. Moving from place to place and not having a foundational sense of home might be hard, especially for younger children. The best thing to do is come from a place of understanding and empathy. Take a few deep breaths and encourage them to do the same.

Have a moment to talk with them daily or weekly about how they feel and do your best to correspond to their needs as developing young minds. Keep them in the loop and try not to jump to conclusions about their legitimate reactions towards being on the go.

Have Fun!

Going from place to place doesn’t have to be as miserable as it sounds. Involve your family in fun choices and decisions along the way. Create routes to your destinations that include entertaining scenery. You can incorporate games, movies, and pit stops to cool landmarks on the way. Once you’ve come to your temporary new home and settled in, enlist their help on fun things in the neighborhood to do. Try to make this experience as painless as possible for them so that you can get to the important things. The journey you’ll have with your kids can be a memorable, lighthearted experience. All you need is preparation, patience, and pleasantries.