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Know What You Cannot Do as a Property Owner to Be Compliant

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In the United States, everyone has the Right to Quiet Enjoyment. This means that the person has unimpaired access to their own home. When you rent out corporate housing, you enter a covenant and give up some of these rights to whoever stays there.

This covenant offers legal protection to the tenants, landlord, and property. This is why it’s important to know what you can and can’t do when someone else is occupying your short-term rentals.


Enter Without Giving Notice

Tenants have the right to be left alone. While every state has its own laws, you can’t barge into a tenant’s property anytime you like. In most cases, you may only enter under certain circumstances. This often requires the permission of the tenant and a notice in writing that you will be entering.

Ignore Complaints From Tenants

It’s your job to ensure your furnished apartments are habitable and safe. You can’t refuse to make repairs that tenants need. If you choose to do so, the tenant may not be required to pay rent until you step up to the plate.

Maintenance expenses should be considered part of the management process for corporate housing. Running regular inspections can prevent issues and complaints at a later date.



Fair housing laws apply so discrimination cannot be used by a property owner. You can’t refuse to rent based on certain factors or discriminate about the tenants you have. The law prohibits making housing unavailable based on disability, familial status, national origin, sex, religion, race, or skill color.

However, you can screen tenants and deny applications based on criminal background, bad credit, or past evictions.


Use the Space

You might own short-term rentals, but if a tenant is inside, they should have use of the space. This means you shouldn’t have access to things like the extra bedroom or backyard shed. Move your personal items out of the space before a lease is signed.

If you follow the rules above, your tenants will be happier and you’ll have an easier time as a property owner. Visit the CHBO blog to learn more tips and tricks about offering furnished apartments or homes.

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