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Reasons to Offer Short Stay House Rentals

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Published Date: 2024-03-06
Short-Term Rental Reasons

What are short-stay house rentals? In most cases, this involves renting your property out for short periods of a few weeks to several months. These stays can be as short as a day but many are in the week-to-month range. Many corporate rentals are located in tourist areas to gain access to a large market that needs housing.

Also called vacation rentals, these short-stay house rentals are often shared on platforms for people who are doing business somewhere far from home. Corporate rentals are also utilized for family relocations, vacations, and more. Below, we’ll share some of the top reasons to choose this rental model for your business.

Better Profits

Short-stay house rentals are often in desirable locations, which keeps them booked at all times. However, even those in other locations can do well with the right marketing. It all comes down to what you’re willing to put into the property.

While this kind of housing is a seasonal business for many, you can easily maximize profits based on that knowledge. During peak seasons, you can list your properties at higher rates. When things are slower, prices can come down to ensure you continue to generate cash.

Short-Term Housing Reasons

Simple Maintenance

Short-stay house rentals are ideal since you can more easily manage your investment. With shorter stays, it’s easier to get the home cleaned regularly and find any repairs that need to be done early. Cleaning fees are common so the maintenance costs may not cut into your profits.

In addition, people staying for a short time are less likely to damage your property. Most are just there to rest and will be out on the town for the rest of their stay.

Total Flexibility

Corporate rentals give you total control of your schedule and when the property is available. You can block off time to do repairs or renovations whenever you like. Since people are only there when you allow it, the property is entirely in your control. This also applies to pricing, which can help you make more money.

When you decide to move forward with short-stay house rentals, you need to make sure people see your home. This is what lets them know it exists and can lead to bookings. Placing your listing on CHBO ensures people see the home and you can make the most of the attention.

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