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Lease Agreement CHBO General

Lease Lifecycle

Published Date: 2023-02-01

The lease lifecycle is a sequence of steps that will help you navigate through the process of leasing your property. Think of it as the circle of life. Your unit begins brand new, bare, and vacant...

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Nashville property listing CHBO General

Property Spotlight: The Phoenix House Is a Prime Nashville Furnished Rental

Published Date: 2023-02-01

Nashville, Tennessee, has a lot going for it. It’s a major hub in Tennessee’s food culture. It’s also home to quite a few major corporate headquarters, including CKE, Nissan,...

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Questions in mind CHBO General

Questions Before Renting to Tenants

Published Date: 2023-01-25

As a busy landlord, the process of screening tenants can be one of the most critical steps you can take to ensure your success and peace of mind. Much like a job interview, you’ll need to ask the...

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Smiling Western Business Woman in Corporate housing CHBO General

Things to Look for When Booking Executive Housing

Published Date: 2023-01-18

When you need somewhere to live during your business trip or out-of-state project, you’ll likely be looking into executive or corporate housing. Like booking a hotel, not every corporate housing...

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corporate Housing with kids on the go CHBO General

3 Tips for Living on the Go with Kids

Published Date: 2023-01-11

When you need to travel with your kids, things can get a little messy. Living with kids is already complicated enough but moving from place to place with them without preparing can be a bit...

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Interior Designing Tips for Corporate Rentals CHBO General

Inexpensive Interior Design Tips and Tricks for Executive Furnished Rentals

Published Date: 2023-01-04

There is always a way to improve your surroundings and upgrade the guest experience. One of the best examples of that could be how to decorate your rental property inexpensively, while still...

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New Year's Eve Party in Furnished Apartment CHBO General

New Year's Eve Party in Furnished Apartment

Published Date: 2022-12-28

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your furnished housing corporate rental for New Year's Eve? Whether you're hosting a small get-together or a large party, there are plenty of ways to make...

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Iphone Photography 2 CHBO General

How to Take JPEG Pictures on Your iPhone Instead of HEIC

Published Date: 2022-12-23

If you have an iPhone you use to take pictures of the properties you are renting, you are likely taking photos in HEIC format instead of JPEG. This has been the default format since iOS...

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Celebrate Christmas Eve with Your Loved Ones While Traveling to Your Favorite Destination CHBO General

Celebrate Christmas Eve with Your Loved Ones While Traveling to Your Favorite Destination

Published Date: 2022-12-21

Are you traveling to your favorite destination for Christmas Eve? Make the most of your trip by celebrating in a fully furnished apartment rental. Whether you’re traveling with family or...

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