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Relocation Necessities

The word just came-you are being relocated. What do you need to do to make this relocation stress-free and a success for you (and your family)? It all depends on whether you are a single, career-minded woman or a married woman with children. The single, career-minded woman is interested in being safe and near the action. She wants a home near work. Good clubs, movie theaters, restaurants, museums, fitness centers, shopping and other activities within walk- ing distance or a short drive are priorities. The married woman, especially with children, is looking for something else. She's interested in a beautiful, suburban neighborhood with good, high-performing schools. She is more accustomed to driving to malls, gro- cery stores and entertain- ment centers for herself and her family. Even so, nearby parks and recre- ation areas are a plus. Women prefer new houses with ample clos- ets, up-to-date kitchens and modern bathrooms. Most prefer an open floor plan that is great for en- tertaining or keeping an eye on the kids. Women like the "feel" of a house or apartment, according to Senada Adzem, top Florida realtor, and they know immediately if the house is "right" for them, says Sarah Jo Wood, former realtor. When purchasing a new house, women are looking for a good investment. From a financial standpoint, women are looking for a residential area where prices have held steady, says realtor Barb Churchill. Realtor and Army wife Kathryn Miller believes that married women want a house that is good for raising their children. In addi- tion, women consider the setting of their houses. They want houses with a large, private, fenced, level backyard so the children can be let out to play. A cul-de-sac, instead of a busy road, is often ideal for young mothers who worry about traffic and their children. Maybe it's their creative spirit coming through, but women are more proactive with floor plans than men, says Kathryn. Women consider such factors as one child per bedroom or not. Are there enough bathrooms? Is there a spare room that can be designated as a playroom where toys can be left out? With the hours spent on food preparation, women want a kitchen that is open so they can keep their eyes on everyone yet attractive enough to be seen by all who visit. Sarah Jo says that women are concerned with the condition of the house. Does it need repairs in areas such as the basement, bathrooms or other rooms of the house?

President for the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), Kimberly Smith, thinks that caution is advisable if you don't know the area well or suspect the relocation might be temporary. In these circumstances, it's a good idea to rent until you feel comfort- able buying. She suggests that you not rent a traditional, unfurnished home, because it becomes stressful to furnish and your household In these circumstances, it's a good idea to rent until you feel comfortable buying. She suggests that you not rent a traditional, unfurnished home, because it becomes stressful to furnish and your household furnishings have more wear and tear. furnishings have more wear and tear. Your possessions can be put into storage while you become thoroughly familiar with the area and take your time to purchase a new permanent home. Another tip from Kimberly is to keep your options open by rent- ing your current home as a corporate rental rather than selling it if you are not sure that the move is going to be permanent. By renting your home as a corporate rental, you can leave your furnishings in place and rent for 1 or 2 months at a time (versus 12 months with a traditional rental). If your relocation is not satisfactory, you can always return home! Above all, Kimberly states women should understand that relocation is not a time to make nice. This is the time to step up and negotiate a relocation package in accordance with your company's policies. If you are the primary caregiver, a pertinent question to ask is if there is a babysitter allowance? Will my healthcare package be accepted in the new state? How will the company help me sell my house? Will the company give me a general orientation to the new area? What are the property tax rates? How many times am I allowed to travel back and forth before I settle in? Are rental cars provided? Publisher, writer and artist Linda McCracken has a different take on what professional women look for in a house. She seeks solitude in order to work at home and closeness to nature to stimulate her creativity. There is a small town 15 minutes away and she is near 2 colleges and other artists nearby. By living on a New Hampshire peninsula, she is able to enjoy the local community life yet has only one close neighbor. So it all depends-on the woman and her special needs.

*Source: Corporate Housing by Owner

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