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The highest compliment paid is the referral from your friends and family. From time to time we hear from those who have located or listed a property through the CHBO. Your testimonials and reviews are greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you. View and watch the testimonials left by our users over the years. Add Testimonial Add Google Review
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Brandy Map Location Pointer El Dorado Hills

Working with CHBO has been a great experience! My agent is wonderful, always very responsive and helpful. Other agents who cover when needed and have been jus... View More +
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Matthew Map Location Pointer Glen Allen

I have been with CHBO since 2019, and have had mostly a good experience. The corporate renters are tidy, responsive and seem happy to pay inflated rents. But... View More +
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Heather Map Location Pointer Sugarland

We moved overseas for my husband’s work in May 2022 and wanted to temporarily rent our home to responsible renters ( not vacationer’s or partiers) and CHBO... View More +
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Darren Map Location Pointer Spring Hill

If I had known it would be this simple, I would have listed my property a year ago. CHBO handled all the necessary legwork and administrative tasks needed to... View More +
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Kathy Map Location Pointer San Antonio

CHBO has been fantastic! It’s easy to use and no questions remain about me doing something wrong or the possibility that I’m forgetting something. I’m del... View More +
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Glen Map Location Pointer wrentham

I have been a CHBO landlord client for a year. The experience has been terrific. Hassle-free; respectful; professional; a real pleasure. My assigned agent Lis... View More +
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Rose Map Location Pointer Chicago

I just want to say that as a CHBO landlord, it has been great CHBO's Management team has been making sure my apartment is rented, Jessica is very helpful.
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Glenn Map Location Pointer San Francisco

I've been a member of CHBO since August 2012. Your rental inquiry and rental vetting, contracting, payment, and overall coordination have come a long way from... View More +
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James Map Location Pointer

I just wanted to close the loop on Casey's rental in NOLA. In short, we could not have been happier! Casey and I drove down over the weekend and he moved in Su... View More +
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Charles Map Location Pointer

Thought you should know how impossible it is to use your site. Chat did not work at all on iphone. Site has many bugs that mske it impossible as well. We went... View More +
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Michael Map Location Pointer San Diego

I would like to renew both of my listings on CHBO. I appreciate your service and have always enjoyed my interactions with your organization. Thank you.... View More +
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Stevon Map Location Pointer Springfield Gar

To CHBO! i am very new here, but my unit was rent within the first 3 days of listing. eric was my agent, and he know all the turns and curve, i do recommend... View More +
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