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The Finest Furnished Housing for Travel Nurses

If you’re a travel nurse, furnished housing should be one of the first things on your list of necessities for any job, but finding that housing doesn’t have to be a lot of work or a big source of stress. At Corporate Housing by Owner, we offer travel nurse furnished housing solutions all over the United States, in Canada, and in several other places around the world, as well.

Our corporate rentals are all fully furnished with all of the amenities you could want in an apartment or home. They’re close to commercial areas and hospital facilities, as well as local attractions, so they offer easy commutes to work and play for your stay. If you’re a traveling nurse and you need housing need housing in a new location for a few days, weeks, or months, take a moment to browse through our listings and don’t hesitate to contact CHBO or call 1-877-333-2426 today for answers to all of your questions about travel nurse furnished housing.

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Read the latest update on our service and delivery in China and Hong Kong:

China and Hong Kong Service & Delivery Update – April 3

While the number of new cases is falling, the Chinese government is still focused on prevention. Read the latest update on our service and delivery here.

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CHBO Certified Property Program

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the case of corporate rentals, a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. Great photos can be the deciding factor in how many bookings your corporate rental receives and how much income you generate. Now, you can trust this critical step to the experts with the CHBO Certified Photo Program.

What is the CHBO Certified Property Program and Process?

The CHBO Certified Property Program is designed to help elevate your listing by confirming the validity of the rental property while showcasing the home with excellent photography. At CHBO we provide our memebers the option to certify the property by advertising with an Annual Platinum Package or by purchasing an al la carte Photography package. Once you commit to either option, CHBO will take it from there. The first step will be to schedule the photo shoot. A certified photographer will come out to the property and take high resolution images of the interior and exterior of the property/building. While on site, we will verify the existance of the furnishings, property manager/owner and the location. The final photography will be delivered to CHBO to upload and distribute to the member. Each photopgraph will indicate it is a CHBO certified photo logo along with a link to view what was verified at the property.

Why trust CHBO with photography?

CHBO has created a system that works. With hundreds of photo shoots under our belt we understand how to shoot the property to get results for your marketing dollars. Here are some more reasons to photograph your property:

  • Avoid the hassle of taking your own photos or searching for an experienced real estate photographer
  • Leverage the experience of a certified CHBO professional photographer
  • Capture up to 60 identically sized, ultra high resolution photos
  • A virtual tour is created to represent your property at its best
  • Each photo earns a 'CHBO Certified' photo logo, boosting confidence and the reputation of your listing

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If you are considering advertising your property with CHBO, select our top performing Annual Platinum package to get the maximum exposure. CHBO also provides the option to puchase the photography shoot al la carte and we will attach it to the advertising package you decide on. Both options will be reflected the same and provide the same value. The choice is yours, get started today.

Preparing Your Property

To prepare, share your thoughts on what features of the property you’d like emphasize with CHBO. Prior to the day of your photo session, prepare your corporate rental using our tips on preparing your property. Our professional photographers understand what types of photos and angles best capture your property. Based on the square footage and amenities of your corporate rental along with input from you, the photographer will take sharp, hi-res photos capturing at its best and lending the power of CHBO certification to your home.

Give your property a leg up on the competition - Maximize your bookings and rental income with CHBO Certified Photos today!

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Professional Photography Image
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