Should Your Corporate Rental be Green?

Going green is all the rage, but does that mean you should make your corporate housing rental green too?

A primary concern for real estate investors is the perception that green practices are more costly than non-green practices. But the truth is that there are ways to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into your rental property without breaking the bank.

And don’t forget that your renters want it, in a recent survey 60% of renters demanded eco-friendly features in their rental property.

If you’re looking to go green, take these ideas into consideration:

Recycling: Leave recycle bins in accessible places within the property with instructions on what can be recycled and when recycling is picked up. If you live in a condo, leave instructions on where the renter should unload the recycle bins when they’re full.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: Putting in energy efficient light bulbs will actually lower your electric bill and force less maintenance on your home since the bulbs last longer and require fewer changes.

Low Flow Toilets and Showers: Low-flow efforts can shave dollars off your water bill and be kinder to Mother Earth – just make sure the shower still provides good flow and the toilets flush well. 🙂

Leave Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Leave eco-friendly cleaning supplies and detergents in the property. The costs for eco-friendly products have really come down – and you’ll find the price isn’t far off from the leading brand’s price either.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances: When the time comes to buy new appliances, replace the old ones with energy efficient dishwashers and washing machines. Cut your water and energy bill and feel good about saving the planet too!

Market Your “Green-ness:” And most of all, don’t forget to promote keywords like “green,” “energy-efficient,” and/or “eco-friendly,” when marketing your rental property on

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