How to Dress Up Your Corporate Rental

You wouldn’t go to a job interview or a blind date with wrinkled, mismatched fashion or disheveled hair, would you?

If you have ideas of turning your abode into a corporate rental, whether it’s your vacation pied-a-terre or investment property, remember that the same mantra applies to featuring your rental property: Dress it up!

As a property manager, I’ve seen properties that have never seen a day of vacancy and properties that languish on the market.

Why you ask? Well, of course location and amenities have a lot to do with it. But I’ve also come to realize that a little internal sprucing up can do wonders for improving a rental property’s occupancy rate.

Here are some tips to help you spruce up your property:

Put on a fresh coat of paint. Add some color contrast to your walls – don’t just stick with plain old white! Check out pictures in magazines or go to open houses of other corporate rentals on the market. Observe the lay-out and decorations and take note of the most tasteful and imitate it.

Invest in comfortable, elegant pieces. Try to avoid the mass-produced pieces at franchise shops and instead seek out sales held by staging companies or corporate furnishing stores. Some have warehouses and outlets. If you don’t know where to look, contact a few real estate agencies in town to inquire… they probably know!

If your forté isn’t in color coordination or interior decorating, fret not. In today’s rough and tumble economy, employment is scarce. So that’s why hiring a professional decorator won’t break the bank – and in fact can help improve the desirability of your rental property to ensure maximum occupancy. That said, if you still can’t afford the services of an interior decorator, then think-outside-the-box. Go to the local college and seek out some blossoming student talent. Put up flyers near the university’s design department and make up your own interview process. Many students will be thrilled for the work because they welcome the income and experience!

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