The Kitchen Sink – What does it cost to furnish a corporate kitchen?

Furnishing a kitchen in a corporate rental can be a tedious task. You need to have everything ready and available from a potato peeler and cheese grater to a salad bowl and cutting board.

A good way to cut your costs and save time is to order a standard Kitchen Kit offered through CHBO. It has everything you need to furnish a kitchen and is delivered on a single day in about 2-3 boxes depending on size of kitchen. The cost is about $407.33 for a kitchen in a standard one bedroom property.

Buying the Kitchen Kit offers several benefits.

1. It ensures you meet quality standards of corporate rentals. You’ll get everything you need without having to run around a store to find all the items. It takes the guess work out of furnishing a kitchen!

2. If one of your dishes break, you can call the supplier and order additional dishes. They are always in stock and the styles never change like they do in department and big box stores.

3. The Kitchen Kit has evolved over the years to ensure it has products that function and last for a long time. You want the most quality at the lowest cost and our Kitchen Kit provides that.

This post isn’t meant to be a big sell on the Kitchen Kit – it’s meant to help you furnish your kitchen quickly, cost-effectively and with quality items. That is the goal and we hope this information helps!!

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