Taking Preventative Measures

If your rental unit is currently unoccupied, it may be a good idea to engage in some preventative maintenance before the next tenants’ occupancy.

Prophylactic measures include doing things as simple as checking each room for door stops and testing the functionality of the microwave to bigger tasks such as snaking a drain pipe or cleaning a gutter.

Doorknobs can cause unsightly dents and holes in the walls. Door stoppers come in many different forms and varieties. There are even door stoppers attachable to a door’s hinge, making the floor ones unnecessary.

Test the microwave, count the cutlery, check if there are cracks in the dishware. Getting a call from a tenant requesting replacement items on a week night can be stressful – so save yourself the trouble by taking action now.

Don’t forget to take preventative actions against things that are not as visible to the eye too.

If your property has been occupied for 6-months to a year, go ahead and snake the toilet, the tub and sink drains. There are two types of snake draining equipment. Closet augers drain toilets while hand augers drain tubs and showers. These augers are rentable at hardware stores. Check with the neighborhood True Value, Ace or the bigger establishments like Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask the store technician for instructions or find DIY videos online.

Cleaning a roof gutter of gunk and debris accumulated over time is good practice to prevent bigger, costlier damages such as water leakage into the foundation of a house during the wet, rainy season.

Deferred maintenance is noticed by a renter who will likely express his displeasure with your home. Taking preventive steps to avoid these kinds of issues will pay off in the long run.

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