Be Careful if you Substitute your Current Listing with a Different Listing

I was just reading a multi-page user agreement from another rental site and one item popped out at me as a feature of that our customers may not be aware of.

Did you know that you can change your property listing and all details at anytime without any penalty or any additional fees? In other words, you may substitute your current property with a different property at any time. That means you can swap out a property that is already rented with one that is searching for a tenant. No need to buy two listings if you can’t afford it.

Of course, I want to remind you that swapping one property listing for another isn’t always the best move in our Web 2.0 world. That’s because your property details may already have been ranked with good search engine placement. When you change your property details it may take some time for a search engine to pick up your new listing’s information. So be careful and think about the changes and if they’re in your best interest. There’s always trade-offs and this is one of them.

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