Don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining appliances

Sometimes, when we focus all of our energies on decorating a corporate home, we overlook the daily wear-and-tear of our appliances.

In my last entry, I suggested snaking a drain to clear it of build-up, such as hair as a form of preventative maintenance.

This kind of forethought is applicable to the various appliances we use daily.

I came across a Kenmore page that provided some great insights on maintaining the appliances we use regularly, from the stove to the washing machine.

The article suggests creating our own cleaning products from the things we already have at home such as substituting vinegar for fabric softener in laundry.

I once read also that bacteria is not entirely eliminated in a laundry load, it merely gets tossed around in the washer. I usually start off my laundry by doing a small load of whites in a large load cycle with a half cup of Clorox bleach and detergent. This will clean the washing machine for the next load of laundry. I also add a couple dashes of Clorox bleach into a regular load of laundry. But to protect the color of fabrics, there are color safe detergents with bleach-safe alternatives, such as Tide.

Remember, maintaining your appliances between tenants or each quarter will ensure you’re home is always up-to-par. It’s also like you’ll save you a lot of headaches and money too. Read more blogs on maintaining corporate rentals here.

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