Friday Night Fraud

Ok, so I tell people about this all the time but then I hear about it happening over and over again.

Please take a minute to slow down and think about it before you rent your property on a Friday night for a weekend move-in. Yes they always have a very good story and come from a reputable company and there is a perfectly good reason to move in over the weekend. Then they pay by check and it takes a few days to clear the bank and it never does… it just bounces all the way back. By the end of the first week you realize you have to evict the tenant in unit B who you now know you don’t even know their real name.

Did you know even a Cashier’s Check can bounce these days! Take your time and never rush to lease a property to anyone who shows up on Friday and wants to move in over the weekend. It really will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


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