Go Green with Smart Power Strips

Landlords of furnished rental apartments know that renters are looking for green rentals these days. It’s a selling point that sets some rental properties a part from the rest.

That said, we also know that going green can save you money – cutting down on electricity and water usage and resulting in lower utility bills for you.

One my readers recently told me he began implementing smart power strips. These power strips automatically turn off energy-draining LCD TV’s and DVD players when they are left in standby mode. When the TV is turned on, the power strip recognizes this and automatically switches back on all the devices. Most people know that turning off a power strip can save energy – but many forget to turn it off. This device does the thinking for you!

The power strips can be bought online at Conservation Mart for about $30. It’s a small price to pay to help the environment and shave dollars off your utility bill.

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