On the go, gadgets and tools for the busy corporate housing landlord

The other day I replugged a disconnected alarm clock at a property. What a pleasant surprise, when right before my eyes the clock automatically reset itself to the correct date and time. I have heard of atomic clocks and projector clocks but I’ve never actually seen one that did not require the tiresome manual button pressing.

I started thinking about great gadgets and tools that help to make my job as a property manager so much easier.

Here are some of the things I have with me or in my car at all times:

-The trusty Leatherman is a portable multi-pronged (in various designs) foldable tool that has allowed me to tightened screws, nuts and bolts, cut wires and slice unwanted cardboard. It comes in a carrying pouch. This tool makes me feel like MacGyver.

-A secure key storage kit to hold spare keys for the occasional lock-out call. They come in small sizes, are lockable and have individual slots for each key.

-Cheap, colorful carabiners for carrying multiple property keys via color coding, for multiple property showings in one afternoon.

Tape measure, the kind with the return spring.

-Duct Tape (and electrical tape)- I once saw someone wearing a t-shirt that said: “When all else fails, duct tape.” Duct tape now comes in other colors besides gray!

Gorilla Glue – If something is broken and requires a quick fix, this is the graduated version of super glue.

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