Top reasons to stay in corporate or furnished rental home over a dingy hotel

Many people don’t know that they have lodging options when they travel. In fact, if you’re a savvy traveler, you know that you almost never have to stay in a noisy, cramped hotel. If you stay in a corporate rental, for example, you can eat meals in and save money, among other perks!

Here are five reasons to stay in corporate housing vs. a hotel during your next business or family trip:

1. Cheaper – If your stay is one month or longer, it is much cheaper to stay in a corporate rental. No extra lodging fees or taxes, no daily charges for Internet, no parking fees and hassles and you can eat your meals in vs. opting for expensive room service. Plus, paying a daily hotel rate adds up – most corporate rentals give deals for longer stays shaving hundreds, maybe even thousands, off a lodging bill.

2. Residential Feel – Staying in a corporate rental just gives off good vibes. No transient guests coming and going like in a hotel. You stay in your home or condo and feel like you’re part of the community. In other words, you can live like the locals live – a bonus when you’re exploring a new city!

3. Full Size Kitchen – One of the best reasons to stay in a corporate rental is that you can cook and eat meals in. Talk about saving money and hassle! Every corporate rental comes with a fully furnished kitchen complete with dishes, pots, silverware and the works! A quick trip to the supermarket will enable you to eat many meals in and save the splurging for special meals out!

4. More Beds and Baths – If you’re traveling with a family or a business colleague, staying in a two or more bedroom corporate rental will allow you each to have privacy while saving money (i.e., no need for two hotel rooms but each person gets his/her own room). Plus, families with young kids will enjoy having an extra room due to the variations in bedtimes.

5. Privacy – In a hotel you can hear people talking and walking in the hallways, elevator bells ringing and your neighbor’s TV blasting! A thin wall separates you from your neighbor. If you want some privacy and quiet time, corporate rentals are the way to go!

Remember, you have lodging options when you travel. Next time opt for a corporate rental over a hotel. You’ll be happy you did!

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