Who uses Corporate Housing: Relocation and Consultants.

From the beginning of the Corporate Housing Industry there have been two primary consumers of corporate housing (1) Relocating Executives and (2) Business Consultants. Over the past 40 years, however, corporate housing has evolved into a mainstream lodging segment and today serves a wide range of diverse business travelers and individuals in need of temporary housing.

Relocation Executives: According to a recent HR Magazine article, relocation was down in 2008 but the numbers are still huge. In 2008, 11.9% of the population relocated and $24 billion dollars is spent annually on US corporate relocation.

Relocation Surveys also indicated that, for the first time, prospects for selling and buying real estate surpassed family concern and spouses’ careers as the most important issues! This is whyCorporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is such an important element in relocation today. CHBO can allow a family to relocate to find the perfect job because it gives them the option to rent their current home and test drive a new furnished home at their chosen destination. This cuts down on costs, eliminates the uncertainty of the real estate market, and makes it easy to reverse if the new job doesn’t work out. These surveys also highlighted companies trend to Lump Sum Relocation packages allowing employees to look for their own corporate housing through resources like CHBO.

Business Consultants: CHBO would also like to take this opportunity to salute 2009’s Top Consultants according to Consulting Magazine and thank them for using Corporate Housing.

2009 Top Consultants – Consulting Magazine

Jim Bramante, IBM Global Business Services

Bruce Barge, Buck Consultants

Michael Conover, KPMG

Claudia D’Arpizio, Bain & Company

MaryAnne Fraschan, EDS

Cory Gunderson, Protiviti

John Kaltenmark, Accenture Technology Consulting

Brooks Kitchel, Kurt Salmon Associates

John Kovalchick, Proudfoot Consulting

Rich Lesser, The Boston Consulting Group

Robin Lineberger, BearingPoint

Bryan Marsal, Alvarez & Marsal

Leslie Moeller, Booz & Company

Ken Mungan, Milliman

Jacqueline Olynyk, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Laurie Oppel, Navigant Consulting

David Rodman, Hitachi Consulting

Jim Roth, Huron Consulting Group

Vance Scott, A.T. Kearney

Amy Shah, Sapient

Ed Stark, Capgemini Consulting

Ming Tsai, Infosys Consulting

Tim Wiest, Deloitte Consulting

Rob Wilhite, KEMA

Stephen Wood, Ingenix Consulting

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