Carpet Maintenance 101: Keeping carpets clean-looking and long-lasting in your furnished rental

Carpets are a typical flooring of choice for high-rise condo units – as they are low cost and keep noise between floors at a minimum. They also keep in the warmth during the colder seasons.

But most landlords know that carpets require more work than wood floors and they must be regularly maintained.

There are many ways to ensure the cleanliness of carpets – here are a few tips:

Rug Doctor Shampoos. In between renters or quarterly, go with the do-it-yourself carpet shampooing by renting a professional machine, like the ‘Rug Doctor.’ They can be found at most supermarkets and hardware stores. These carpet shampoo/extraction machines (and cleaning formulas) are affordable and easy-to-transport. For around $50, you can vacuum every carpeted room in the house. Just remember, the carpets will require approximately a 12-hour window to dry.

Provide In-Unit Vacuum Cleaner. When a unit is occupied, provide the tenant with a higher end, low-maintenance upright carpet cleaner. The latest vaccum models don’t even require filter bags. These vacuums have a transparent compartment framed around a filter and can be detached and emptied into a trash can. Target and Wal-Mart have good selections of these vacuums.

Don’t Forget the Stain Removers. Finally, I learned a brilliant wine stain remover and trust me, it works! I have been the star of parties, wiping up spilled red wine on neutral carpet in a hot minute. Mix the following concoction into a plastic bottle and apply to a spill or stain and wipe up with a sponge. Leave a bottle of this clearly-marked homemade stain remover in your home for tenants to use in a dash!

Carpet stain remover recipe: Mix one part water to two parts hydrogen peroxide (3%) and a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Shake well and apply to stain! Voilà!

Remember, you want your carpets to look clean and fresh after each tenant. While a little maintenance is required, you can keep your carpets in great shape for many, many years and many, many corporate renters to come!

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