How to regrout old tile to make it look new again?

Have you ever cleaned something to the point that it smells clean but just doesn’t sparkle? I noticed that tiles, whether it’s the ones covering the bathroom floor, bathroom walls or kitchen counter tops suffer the most wear-and-tear. Bathrooms and kitchens see such frequent traffic. When tiles get dirty, so does the grid of grout in between. They get discolored and stained, making a white bathroom look unkempt.

While regularly web surfing for do-it-yourself instructions, I’ve come across Eric Stromer’s videos. He has plenty of good advice for various home improvement topics.

I’ve learned that regrouting is a simple process that can make a kitchen and bathroom look new again requiring only a few tools. Tackling such a project in between renters can make your rental appear cared for, attractive and appealing. To ensure further maintenance of your bathroom and kitchen tiles, provide your renters with cleaners such as Lysol basin and tub spray cleaner. For the eco-conscious audience, there are brands like Method and Ecodiscoveries. Or provide a spray bottle with a homemade concoction, such as a vinegar and baking soda mix as this blog suggests.

Check out Eric Stromer’s website for handy tips around your house like these!

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