Taking Pets on Business Trips – Why Your Corporate Rental Should be Pet-Friendly

Americans love their pets and if possible, many are taking their pets along when going on lengthy business trips. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a single professional to be put on assignment in another city and leave behind their beloved companion in a kennel or with a burdened friend.

Many corporate homeowners have shied away from accommodating pets because of worries of damage to the property, but airlines and hotels have made it easier than ever to take Lassie along for the ride and no longer see pets to be as “damaging” as once assumed.

If you have a corporate rental and have not considered ways to appeal to this growing number of business travelers who commute with their beloved dog in tow, you may want to rethink your pet strategy.

Here are some dog-gone good reasons to allow pets in your corporate rental:

-More traveling business executives and traveling professionals are taking Fido along for the trip. By not opening your home to animals, you may be limiting the number of prospective tenants.

-Pet owners are willing to pay an extra fee or deposit. They don’t mind as long as they can take along their beloved animal.

-Pet owners are quite responsible. If they’re taking their pet along with them, it usually means they care for them dearly and are quite responsible for themselves.

On the other hand, there are many travelers who will look for just the opposite accommodation. They may have an allergy to pet dander. So there is a space in the marketplace for “pet-free accommodations” as well (so don’t be discouraged if pets aren’t your thing).

My next post will discuss how to make your corporate rental pet-friendly.

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