Making Sure Your Corporate Rental Stays Clean Between Tenants

Many landlords have noticed that their tenants are staying an average of 3-6 months. This is great by all intents and purposes, but tenants who stay for multiple months may not always be the best housekeepers.

To ensure your home gets regularly cleaned, leave cleaning supplies on hand for your tenants to use. Mark them clearly as to their purpose, as you don’t want furniture polish being used on your hardwood floors. Keeping supplies under the kitchen and bathroom sinks will provide hints to your tenants to tidy up.

Also, communication is key to keeping your home well maintained. Make sure you talk to your tenant about their responsibility in cleaning the home and reporting any maintenance issues to you right away. Build this into your contract so you protect yourself and your home. If they are too busy to maintain the home, you should charge them a fee to bring in the maid/cleaning service – a fee they may happily pay in exchange for not having to scrub toilets and floors.

One of the best ways to keep your rental home looking clean and maintained is to simply build into your lease agreement a bi-weekly or monthly maid/cleaning service. Doing so will ensure the property gets thoroughly cleaned and that there is no deferred maintenance when you’re not around to inspect it. Over the years, I have accumlated a long list of regional and national cleaning services that I recommend you check out too.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your home looking good year after year – so make sure it gets regular cleanings whether they’re needed or not.

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