Saving Money While On the Road or Traveling for Business!

Extended travel can be expensive and the last thing you want to do is blow the budget on food.

Consider this: A sit-down meal at a restaurant can cost anywhere from $10-$25 per meal. Multiple that by three meals per day for 30 days straight and you’re looking at a food bill of $900 – $2,250! A family of four may not even spend $900 on groceries per month.

Sometimes spending this amount of money is unavoidable because travelers have had little options when it comes to meal time. Most of today’s hotels do not provide full sized kitchens, making eating out or room service the norm.

But smart families and business travelers who opt to stay in corporate or vacation rentals are finding it easy to ease the financial burden.

Corporate and vacation rentals are fully furnished and offer a full-sized kitchen will all the amenities of a common kitchen, including a stove top, microwave, fridge, pots and pans, dishes, etc. This is good news for travelers who want to take a bite out of their exploding food budget. They can simply go to the grocery store, buy cereal and milk, cold cuts, spaghetti, hamburgers and prepare their meals themselves.

Since a corporate rental means you won’t have to blow your budget on food, you’ll have more money in your pocket to enjoy a nice night out or upgraded flight amenities, etc. Score!

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