Do-It-Yourself Pest Control for Do-It-Yourself Landlords!

The rainy, wet season may be good for cleansing the air and watering our farm lands, but along with inclement weather comes pest burrowing their way into our homes.

The rainy weather of late has resulted in multiple reports of ant sightings inside furnished homes I manage. We’ve even seen some cockroaches in perfectly clean homes. Recently, I’ve had to reestablish our corporate account with a pest control company.

I placed a call for a tenant who claimed to have seen cockroaches in the bathroom and kitchen. The pest control agent came and reconnoitered the dark, enclosed spaces, such as inside cupboards, drawers and behind refrigerators and corner crevices. To remedy the pest problem he laid out gel and sticky traps in all the dark corner areas. If there is insect/pest activity, these gel traps double as irresistible bait. The agent promised that within 72-hours the pest problem would cease.

Using the new knowledge I had from the pest control agent, I set out to Lowes and Home Depot to inquire about these industrial strength gel traps and pest bait. Neither place had them; also I found them online and realized that these products are pricey (about $60 for a gel tube), but still less costly than a visit from the pest control team.

I recommend that you work with a pest control agent first to identify the problem, but then if you have reoccurring problems, you can order the products he recommends and do-it-yourself down the road.

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  1. samantha
    May 8, 2018

    I found the article pretty useful. Keeping the pet and environment clean play an important part in fleas and ticks control.


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