Don’t Throw Out That Damaged Wood Table Just Yet

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that wood damage can be repaired. Like treating broken objects with glue, wood can be refilled and refaced.

I came across this problem when a tenant vacated a property and I noticed damage to a piece of furniture. Apparently, a visiting canine treated the table’s corner as a teething object. Convinced that I had to replace the high-end table for the owner, a friend of mine told me that she watched her father use wood filler to repair stairs made of cherry wood that was chewed by the family dog.

Wood filler? In my search, I came across wood putty, resin, epoxy bonds and porcelain filler (for chipped bathroom tubs, sinks, toilets) as well!

Then, through a Craigslist ad, I located a woman artist who told me she can repair damage to wood, plaster and even art-deco crown moldings. I hired her. She came with a mini blow torch, wood filler (a rubbery, play-doh looking material) and touch up paint. Within two-hours of gentle coaxing, she restored the corner of the table to its original look.

For the less exotic pieces, I’ve watched handymen repair knicks and scratches in doors and walls with a strong bond, sandpaper and paint.

So my point is don’t throw that damaged wood table out just yet! You may be able to salvage it and salvage a few bucks too!

Check out this article for additional information on how to fix damaged wood yourself.

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